Gramener: Insights on Analytics

Gramener is a design-led data science consulting company that presents insights as memorable stories to accelerate decision making. It is primarily an analytics firm that focuses on data visualisation.

A leadership session by Gramener was organized on 16th July 2019 for the Business Analytics batches of 2018-20 and 2019-21. Sundeep ReddySVP, Product Development & Hiring, Gramener graced the occasion. 

The talks began with Mr. Sundeep Reddy, an alumnus of SCMHRD, explaining about analytics in general and how Gramener has used it to convert insights into stories. 

Mr. Reddy stressed on the importance of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.  He also focused on how to represent the data or make the data speak-

  • Just expose the data
  • Set the context to derive insights
  • Explore the output to look for actionable insights

Key areas of Analytics that Gramener focuses on:

  • Deep neural networking
  • Machine learning
  • Event stream processing
  • Cognitive computing

He also added how representing data in the form of stories have helped Gramener’s clientele take much more informed decisions. But in the end, no matter what tools are used or how good the analysis of data is, everything boils down to revenue generation.

Lastly, the session concluded on the notes of applying analytics to areas which result in actionable insights, storytelling that drives business ideas and is ultimately able to make business take decisions based on the stories.

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