Future of HR Technology And Employer Branding Post Corona Era

Since these professionals have seen our world face various challenges, may it be the SARS crises or the 2008 Financial Crises, they have become resilient. They have either witnessed disruption or are always on the edge of disruption. Therefore, they have a tendency to adjunct quickly.

In these challenging times, top executives of various organizations wonder what they should be doing? The answer is – taking care of their employees. They can do this in the following ways –


Collaboration is the key to get through these tough times, everyone can add value, and no one person can do everything. Everybody is good at something, so organizations should use their resources accordingly.


Various organizations are going to reduce their employee strength to minimize expenses. But there will be people who are going to stay. So, it is essential to lay off people sensitively.

Along with it, organizations must understand the psyche of the people who are going to stay with the organization. Organizations should look after them. Compassion should be shown towards people, especially if they face the negative impact of the current disruption.

Technological Comfort

Organizations should ensure that everyone in the organization is comfortable with technology. Moreover, they should provide training to their employees to ensure they can adapt to theses digital technologies.

Furthermore, comfort with technology has to be built to improve performance. However, organizations should also ensure their employees know they are essential, and technology cannot replace them.


Employees should work with credibility. They should ensure the quality of their work, along with the quantity of work delivered should not get affected by working in virtual mode


There should be transparency in communication. We all know that these are uncertain times, and openness in communication can help in understanding the situation.

Adherence To Stated Values

Organizations should stick to their stated values in these times. If they don’t, it will affect their brand image, and employees would not forget the actions that organizations take.

These were some of the points that our director Dr Pratima Sheorey covered. On a parting note, here is a quote from her, ‘It is what we do today that will define our brand tomorrow. Employer branding has to be carefully handled in these difficult times.’

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