Future-Is here!!

13640872_1220596964652435_7056247339493714713_oFuture Group unveiled their B school competition under the spread of Ground zero.It is a mettle that’s a concoction of disruptive technology.It grapples to provide a platform for all the aspirants to inculcate creative thinking embedded in designing craft.The competition is a free fall of sorts,it vows to suck you in like a syringe and flash you in a vine of crept.Future Group is still one of the very few brick and mortar retail chains whose strategic frolics have made their very being.Their alliances with major retail chains has been the sign of their structured resolve and the fabric of their competition signifies the values they have been mirroring to the world.

The event challenged the aspirants to think about the world of tomorrow,to craft a picture of a world of endless possibilities.A world where the food shall not be ordered but printed,where the very function of processes will be cross functional.Gone will be the days of  needed training, resources, connections and a certain lineage to conquer the world of business. In the new era opportunities shall be ample, it would require imagination and creativity to mark a dent and change human behavior and personal fortunes forever! Unshackled by age, designations and baggage, imagination shall be emerging as the biggest asset in the world.The cherry blossom was the designated prize of mentorship by Mr Kishore Biyani which in bare rhetoric, took every inch of the auditorium by storm.
The transformation shall be on the lines of “Gamification of life” and would be the reality of the social age. Plurality of self would come through different and often distinct identities carefully curated on various social media platforms. Moments would gain centre stage as they would be showcased through events on Facebook timeline or on Instagram feeds or even on Snapchat that guarantees instant obsolescence. Lightweight reciprocation – whether through a like or retweet – from spouse, friend or a stranger gives an instant high.
The event also had the zest of a piquet that was basked by a Food Assembly competition.Groups of students clashed against each other to find that perfect balance of food with some very challenging and incongruous ingredients.But there’s a reason Scmhrd is known to be the school of dulcet and the sumptuous display was the palpable proof for it.The nation is all eyes and the frame of time awaits the test of The Challlenge put forth by The Future Group.



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