SCMHRD in Competition Success Review, November 2018 | Blog

SCMHRD encourages students to participate in various business competitions organized by MNC’s like L’Oreal Brandstorm, ITC Interrobang, Mahindra War room, Philips Blueprint among others. A major aspect of applied learning comes through corporate internships and live projects. The competitions and projects provide a platform for applying conceptual knowledge to solve contemporary business issues. Participating in such competitions make them learn about team wofrk, collaboration and being competitive as they have to compete with the best teams from B-schools of national repute across the country. Even losing in these competitions provides an opportunity to introspect and understand areas of future improvement. Working in teams imbibes values like putting one’s team above self.

Involvement of students in social activities through SHAPATH (Symbiosis Headstart for Awareness Prevention and Action against Trafficking of Humans) and TEACH (Teach a Child) programmes foster humility. The unique aspect of this activity is the inculcation of values like ‘shram-daan’ or the E.A.R.N. drive (Enable All to Revive & Nuture) by the entire MBA batch. The student volunteers work for a complete day at various locations across the city such as retail outlets of various companies, offices and malls. The entire collection is donated to the NGO Snehalaya which works in the domain of women rehabilitation in the Ahemdnagar district of Maharashtra.

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