Experience at Art of Living

The Art of living program was, a path changing experience for most of the people from our batch, an opportunity we had at SCMHRD. Arriving at the art of living camp, we were excited about what we were going to experience and learn out of it since we had an absolutely wonderful experience with the outbound program a week ago from then. The climate was peaceful, chilly and absolutely refreshing. We were soon escorted to our accommodation which was very basic and very clean. We then had our first meeting with SriVidya ji who was the organizer of the program. We were completely amazed by her active nature and her passion towards the program was what truly led the transformative aspects of the experience. We were then served saatvik food with detox soup which was essential for the program as the body needs to be cleaned along with the mind from the toxins we had gathered until that point and to inculcate in us, the way to live our life through the actual experience. Later we were divided into groups and assigned group leaders and were involved in some group activities (my personal favorite), each of which had a lesson to teach us about life. We were then taught breathing exercises the next morning which would improve our lung capacity, concentration, clarity in thought along with suryanamaskars. The day before we left, we had a surprise bonfire and performed a skit with our groups which were a bonding experience. In the end each of us had something to take away from the programs, most importantly, how the state of our mind determines the quality of our life. We left enlightened and happy with what we had experienced during these four days.


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