E.A.R.N. 4.0: SCMHRD’s Pledge to Act Against Human Trafficking | Blog

‘Innumerable heinous crimes have impaired our society and we have chosen to shirk this grave issue. Now is the time when we need to get up and act responsibly’ – Based on this theme, team S.H.A.P.A.T.H., which has pledged to fight against human trafficking, rolled out the E.A.R.N. 2017 event. Following the long-going tradition, the SCMHRD wall was painted conveying this year’s theme. It depicted a phoenix rising from the ashes, symbolic of the change we need to bring in our attitude to bring change in our society.

The event was flagged off on a bright sunny morning of 13th August, at SCMHRD campus. A whole lot of enthusiasm–filled students were to be seen, who were eager to do their part and contribute to the society. The students went across different stores at different locations in Pune, ranging from Ancient Hyderabad in Hinjewadi to Titan in Magarpatta, bearing the flag of responsibility to create awareness about the grievous and neglected issue of human trafficking among the masses. A variety of stores were chosen – restaurants, bars, cafes, apparel stores, retail stores and many more, so that the message could reach out to every demographic segment. Our students used their managerial skills and assisted the store-owners in enhancing their business by marketing their stores on social media, engaging the customers and getting their feedback. At the same time, they spread awareness about the issue among the customers, giving them a bit to think upon while they leave the store.

The whole event spanned across 3-days, the last one being on our Independence day, representative of the resolve of our students to bring freedom to the exploited beings. The event was a huge success; the appreciation SCMHRDians received from the masses for their sincere efforts bore testimony to that. Kudos to our S.H.A.P.A.T.H. team for their endeavour to organise such a large-scale event, and manage and coordinate extremely well to make it a success. It was an enriching experience for the students who are now determined to take a step forward and undertake the responsibility of transforming our society.

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