Durga Puja @SCMHRD

There comes a time in the year,

When clouds part apart in the sky,

A time of poetry a time of joy,

When the world is without fear.

The goddess comes down atop a lion,

Ten weapons in hand for destruction,

She is darkness she is light,

The recourse for Bengalis plight.

This October we celebrated Durga Puja at SCMHRD with much love and togetherness. We were not ready but we were filled with joy and excitement. It was before a real Puja could have been had but we did not care, because for Bengalis Durga Puja is not just a festival it’s poetry. Starting with the Puja accompanied by Drum beats that evoked emotions of West Bengal it precipitated into a cultural celebration unique only to SCMHRD and the Bong Community. Then came the food pure Bengali food, people lined up in droves to partake of the Bengali cuisine and had their fill. A day of fun and frolic that for a fleeting moment evoked memories of home and inspired memories of home the celebration of the coming of Durga Puja at SCMHRD was a thing to behold.