Dr. Gurudas Nulkar’s book on Ecology, Equity, and the Economy

We are proud to announce that Dr. Gurudas Nulkar has published his book “The Human journey: Ecology, equity and economics” with Ecological Society, Pune. It is part of a series of books aimed at prodding readers to develop an ecological approach to tackle issues being faced in conservation of the environment and nature preservation.

The book traces the roots of economics and takes the reader down a fascinating journey from when the pre-historic man discovered agriculture to the modern economy. It then dissects the limitations of our current system and towards the end proposes ways to build an alternative economic system that focuses on sustainability.

In seven chapter spanning across 170 odd pages, the book is a testament to the scholarship of Mr. Nulkar, who has used lucid explanations to highlight the most pressing issues today. It is able to make the perfect balance between brevity and thoroughness. It takes the current economic system heads on and hopes to build a sense of urgency among users about our current broken model and inspire and stimulate their minds with alternate possibilities, which often call for a rehaul of the current system.

SCMHRD is an institution that has always been a patron of thought leadership. Dr. Nulkar’s book helps carry forward that tradition by being both brave in it’s outlook, balanced in its outlook, well researched and of course inspiring in the vision for the future which it presents. We congratulate Dr. Nulkar for such an excellent work and wish him luck with his further endeavors.