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b51-276x300I’m originally from Lucknow but my father had a transferable job, so I basically stayed all over Uttar Pradesh during my childhood. An alumnus of BIT Mesra, I worked as a system engineer in a reputed IT company for four years, following which I started my MBA at SCMHRD.

I went to Berlin School of Economics during the summers. Berlin is one such city where there’s an intermingling of every culture, ranging from Latin American to Japanese. This cultural diversity was instrumental in exposing me to different viewpoints about various academic and social subjects. The course structure at Berlin School of Economics is very condensed and compact, with only 4 subjects per semester, although they are highly specialised. The manageable course load allowed me to work with various organisations such as AIESEC.

The night life of Berlin is very vibrant, with people partying until dawn. I had the good fortune of visiting a lot of places in Europe, including Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, etc. That aside, the institute provided us with travel tickets which could be used to avail most modes of transportation in order to facilitate our journey across the country.

For students who intend to apply for foreign exchange, I suggest they have a strict financial plan in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Apart from that, they should also have a clear focus on what they intend to achieve during the specified time period.

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