Data Analytics And Its Impact On The Indian Education System

The big data revolution is here, and its unprecedented relevance is the very reason for its prominence. Businesses today have access to gather the digital footprints of their consumers, which they use to discern their plans. Organizations interpret this data through machine learning and distributed computing. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that data analytics can open multiple doors for educators who aim to connect and facilitate new ways of education. Data will allow for a deeper understanding of a student’s learning process and will enable institutes to streamline the process accordingly. While utilizing data to revolutionize education is the right way forward, data analysis has already started to influence the way the India education system works. 

According to our Director, Dr Pratima Sheorey, some significant aspects positively affected by data analytics are as follows: 

Improved Test Results 

So far, the only measure of a student’s performance is their response to assignments and tests. While this may be true, students also produce massive amounts of data. Dissecting this information routinely can help institutes witness and understand an individual student’s journey more comprehensively. The information gathered can help institutes devise the right learning conditions for their students. 

Customizable Programmes

One of the most important effects of data analysis is how it can be utilized to design customized curriculums and programmes for each student. Even if an institute has lakhs of students, data analytics can help create a personalized programme for each one. With the help of blended learning – a mix of online and offline pedagogies – this is easily manageable. This offers students to pursue classes they are keen on and allow them to work at their own pace.

Career Forecast

Minutely analyzing a student’s performance report will allow institutes to understand their achievements, qualities, and weaknesses. This knowledge can then be used by teachers to analyze and guide students in areas they are predisposed to find success. Moreover, if a student wishes to pursue a particular subject, data analytics can help gain insights that can help them to find appropriate career alternatives. 

The future of the country depends on the students of today. Employing data analytics into the education system will allow institutes to guide today’s youth in the direction of growth. To read about the other areas of the Indian education system affected by big data, click here

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