Colloquium 2021

The legendary Sherlock Holmes once said, “The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.” Fortunately, businesses in today’s world are working hard and moving towards a future where reliable data and not just intuition back decisions. Analytics is the buzzword, especially in this post-pandemic era. In the same spirit, the Analytics Club at SCMHRD strives to engage professionals and students to facilitate learning both ways. The annual conference Colloquium has emerged as a medium through which industry veterans share their views on trends and happenings with the student community.

Over five days, five panel discussions were held, which saw twenty-six distinguished leaders from various industries. While the conference’s overall theme dealt with analytics-driven transformation in the business world, each day dealt with a particular topic. 

The first day of the conference started with the topic “Advanced Data and Analytics: What Do Leading Organizations Do?” The prominent speakers who enlightened the students were Braja Das, Vice President, Global Analytics Center, HSBC Retail; Rajesh Naik, Director – Data Services, Fidelity International; Nitin Beohar, Vice President – Solutions Analytics and AI, Accenture; Sohel Boghani, Director – Cloud Scale Analytics and AI, Microsoft, and Sujai Rajapaul, Associate Vice President, Sony Pictures Network India. 

On the second day, the topic under discussion was “Outperforming the competition by leveraging analytics.” The session was graced by Deepti Tewari, Vice President – Analytics, RBL Bank; Sandeep Kumar, Director – Data & Analytics, PwC India; Arul Francis, Senior Manager – Mobility Data and Analytics Engagement, Shell; Kanika Garg, Head of Product – Digital Transformation, Principal Financial Group, and Parikshit Nag, Cluster Lead – Advanced Analytics & Data Science, Unilever.

Day three of Colloquium saw a bevy of Industry leaders give their two cents on “Application of Analytics in adopting new marketing strategies.” Among the leaders who joined the session was Kapil Daga, Director of Artificial Intelligence, GEP Worldwide; Varun Jain, Director, Axtria; Surangani Priyadarshi, Director Marketing Effectiveness SEA, Nielsen; Ravindra Dolare, President, Ecozen solutions; Deependra Singh, Vice President – Data and Analytics, Junglee Games, and Vinayendra Jain, Head – Channel Sales, Enterprise and Public Sector, Microsoft.

 “Analytics guiding decisions in strategy and consulting” was the topic discussed on the fourth day of the conference. The guests in attendance were Jitendra Kanojia, Head of Analytics, Shoppers Stop; SV Varadarajan, Vice President – Data Analytics, HSBC; Ravi Shukla, Consultant – Data Science, Dell; Vinal Reddy C B, Head of Analytics, Talent500; Rupesh Kumar Singh, Director, EY, and Prakhar Tripathi, Director, Deloitte. 

On the final day of the conference, the topic under the lens was “Analytics for Investment Decisions.” Utpal Chakraborty, Chief Digital Officer, Allied Digital; Vartul Mittal, Digital Transformation Leader, Barclays; Anay Agarwal, Head Loyalty & Analytics, JioMart; Thirumalesh Konathala, Director – Data Science, Cardlytics; Abhishek Bhadra, Assistant Vice President – Sales & Commercial Analytics Practice Practice, Genpact, and Sumeet Bubna, Vice President, JP Morgan were the leaders who elaborated on the topic at hand.

This concluded yet another successful edition of Colloquium 2021. Each panel discussion was designed and structured with carefully appointed questions to expose the intricacies of the topic at hand. Some of the faculty at SCMHRD were kind enough to moderate the discussions, and they provided the right direction to the fruitful discussions. With the questions setting the right tone, the panelists could answer and elaborate on the happenings in their respective industries. 

Each panel discussion also allocated some time for queries by the audience. This helped further the narrative and did full justice to the theme of the day. The panelists were also delighted by the thought-provoking questions put forth by the students of SCMHRD. It helped them dig deeper into specific concepts and helped provide students with some advice on career paths. 

All in all, it was an extremely helpful session where the students of SCMHRD gained insights from the versatile leaders themselves. The students were delighted with the learnings, and the panelists also had good feedbacks to provide. All the discussions have driven home the point that it is time to abolish ignorance and make data-driven decisions. Coincidentally, as the festival of lights  approaches, the session serves as a reminder that only light can cast out the darkness. With that allusion and the satisfaction of a special fourth edition of Colloquium, it is time to ring in the festivities!

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