Club Mahindra and the WarRoom buzz in SCMHRD

In the 90s and the early 2000s, Club Mahindra occupied a special niche in the minds and hearts of the Indian travellers who wanted a premium holidaying experience. It provided people a welcome escapade from their dreary, mundane routine into an exotic realm that could give any five star hotel chain a run for their money often at a fraction of the price associated with these hotels. However with the emergence of start-ups, the entire travelling and holidaying landscape has undergone a radical transformation with a lot of new players foraying into this domain.

In the good old 90s, the concept of family holidays was very much in vogue. Children eagerly used to wait up for their summer holidays, parents planned months in advance for the appropriate destinations, budget etc. But with millennials, the concept of family travel once a year has almost completely fallen out of favour. Professionals often face tremendous amount of stress in their work throughout the weekdays. So a one-day/two-day trip to beautiful destinations near to their cities of work is just the right getaway to help them unwind and reinvigorate them for another stressful week ahead. Also another form of travel that has gained tremendous amount of traction recently is solo travelling and back-packing. Whenever long windows of holidays present themselves, solo travelling to exotic lands or adventure destinations with complete strangers is more the norm these days.

With both budget and premium offerings from players like OYO Rooms, Zostel, AirBnB, StayZilla, Makemytrip, GoIbibo etc infiltrating the holidaying space, it almost plays out like a double-edged sword. Whereas on one end of the spectrum, the propensity to travel has increased manifold, on the other hand, more traditional players in the market like Club Mahindra has to come up with more customized offerings to stand out in the crowd as well as cater to the changing needs and demands of the travelling population. With more and more people reluctant to shell out a large sum of money for just a limited number of travelling destinations or just a fixed number of vacations a year, Club Mahindra can probably try to increase the number of vacations during a membership cycle at the same time shortening the number of days in a single vacation. This would be more suitable for the millennial traveller. On the other hand, it can explore an altogether different target market in corporate houses who often in their bid to motivate their employees or impress clients organize meetings in glamorous destinations. So Mahindra can rather strategize to partner with leading corporate houses to host their destination or themed outings for its employees/clients in these Club Mahindra offerings by buying their memberships. The potential revenue from corporate houses would also be several times that Club Mahindra can probably acquire out of individuals or families. As far as individuals are concerned, opening up Club Mahindra destinations in tourist pockets in and around centres of industrialization like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon etc is bound to garner massive footfalls.

Club Mahindra is just one of these many verticals wherein Mahindra has been presented with a plethora of challenges with changing industry dynamics and equations. Mahindra WarRoom has been one of the ultimate pedestals that Mahindra offer to the budding managers to showcase their potential and prowess and in the process come up with game changing solutions for some of these nagging problems.

We at SCMHRD, have tried to capture the journey of one of the aspiring MWR teams “Mahindra Bahubaali” which tries to come up with innovative solutions in the health cafe segment.


Q: Why did you opt for the name “Mahindra Bahubaali”?

A: When the entire youth was busy taking references from Game of Thrones, we thought of something more Indianised, something that stood for its greatness and grandeur both in terms of the character and the movie. It wasn’t just a movie but a phenomenon in pop culture as India’s answer to everything western much like Mahindra which is pretty much the market leader in every domain they ventured into. Thus Mahindra Bahubaali was something we could all relate to and it signifies our spirit as a team.

Q: Why did you choose Saboro among all other Mahindra Verticals?

A: With people becoming more and more ambitious, lifestyle changes have been very rapid with people opting for unhealthy foods, uncertain work-hours and diseases common to people in the 40s are creeping upto people in their 20s. Saboro offers a very healthy option to everything unhealthy we do in our lives. So we wanted to promote it and it wasn’t about just about solving a case, but it’s about making it popular among the youth so that it become more like a way of life. Moreover we had also visited the Saboro cafe at Churchgate Mumbai and we identified some huge gaps that we could cover with our strategy. So working as consultants for Saboro, what we would be presenting could potentially turnaround Saboro and help it scale up manifold in the next five years.

Q:  What were the challenges that you encountered as a team while solving the case?

A: Finding the right people to talk to for insights was a major challenge. Also adjusting to the different timelines of different people across specializations especially with a lot of prior commitments as well a schedule hectic enough to test the best of the best was another challenge. But with our indomitable desire to make a positive change in the area of our choice, all these impediments easily gets relegated to a backseat and we have tried to leverage the best of our abilities and experiences to come up with the best possible solution.

This was up close and personal with one of the many aspiring teams to win the coveted Mahindra WarRoom crown. We are pretty sure that each of the finalists have ideas as brilliant and as innovative and it’s a big win-win for both Mahindra and aspiring young managers as Mahindra gets fresher perspectives on their businesses and the students a brilliant platform to exhibit their management acumen. May the best team win!




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