Language is not only a medium of communication but is also a channel to build relationships and nurture friendships. With the advent of Globalization, the entire world has become one close knit family or “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”. Free trade has reduced barriers between nations. Many businesses are setting foot in the foreign lands. This intensifies the need for the future business leaders to be well-versed in at least one foreign language.

Thus, catering to the need of the hour, Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages (SIFIL) organized a virtual induction program on choosing an appropriate foreign language from amongst Spanish, German, French and Chinese for the first year MBA students of SCMHRD.  Students were briefed about the course structure of the languages that closely aligns with the Common European Framework of Reference for these languages, hence allowing them to take certification exams like DELE. These courses offer students with the basic knowledge on how to greet people and teach them formal business language and terms. 

Col. Kiran Kanade, who is an expert in Chinese said that it is the world’s most spoken language and that Chinese industries are the fastest growing in the world, with presence in electronics, textile, steel and telecom equipment manufacturing. Ms. Sarika Salvi, Faculty and section head for Spanish at SIFIL, illustrated how Spanish companies have a significant presence in sectors like renewable energy, textiles, sports and railways. Ms. Urmila Abhyankar, Faculty for German elucidated how Germans are global leaders in several industrial and technological sectors, with firm presence in the Indian automobile, banking, machine tool manufacturing and agricultural technology. With over 220 million speakers, French is one of the most widely spoken languages across the world. French companies have a dominant presence in Aerospace, Cosmetics & Fashion, Hospitality and Retail, explained Ms. Medha Purkar, Faculty for French.

The induction concluded with a closing remark on the importance of learning one of the aforementioned foreign languages, considering the growth of these countries in the international market.

Every language is unique in its own way. The students should consider the cultural background at workplace while selecting a language. Above all, passion and inclination towards learning a particular language should be given the utmost importance. Every session was absolutely insightful and provided students with the necessary inputs on why a specific language should be chosen.

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