Chintan Patel – The Competition Colossus

Chintan Patel – The Competition Colossus

B-School competitions are like the life-blood of an MBA journey. These are the battlegrounds where ideas clash, opinions collide, bonds and alliances form and at the end only the most suave and the street-smart survive. It is the dream of every top MBA student to have his/her CV splattered with multiple victories in various national and international competitions. And one fine morning, if you wake up and come across a guy who has won around 11 such competitions and has been a national finalist in around 30 of them, you know you have met someone special. Our proud SCMHRDian Chintan Patel is one of them.

A commerce graduate from Gujarat Law society, Chintan was never too excited about a corporate stint. The start-up bug had bitten him quite early in his career and he knew exactly what he set out to achieve through his MBA journey. Initially, these competitions provided Chintan a welcome escapade from the regular, mundane and almost clock-work routine like academic schedule. Furthermore, he loved travelling. So initially getting to travel to different places and meeting new people while participating in these competitions also acted as an additional motivation.

Chintan’s competitive journey started from IIM Calcutta, where he became the Best Student Manager. The academic rigour at SCMHRD went a long way in helping him perform at his best under gruelling and demanding conditions. Next, he headed over to IIFT, where again he won the 2nd Position (Silver Belt) in the Best Manager category. They took selection to a whole new level by having over 20 rounds in just 3 days. Soon, he also won the Best B-Plan competition organized by NASSCOM in Delhi. However the biggest break in his journey came when he was representing his country in the Annual Investment meeting in Dubai organized by Ministry of Economy, Dubai and sponsored by Sultanate of Oman and Make in India.  There were investors, stakeholders, CXOs, basically the who’s who of the corporate world and over 140 countries participating. Chintan managed to bag the second place in the B-Plan competition making SCMHRD as well as India proud. Not being satisfied with these victories, Chintan continued taking part and won around 11 of those competitions, the most recent among them being the 3M Young Innovators challenge award at Bangalore.

Chintan always believes that Primary Research rather than Secondary Research is the best way of getting the most accurate insights about whatever domain we are looking into. Talking to the stakeholders, i.e. the actual people who are going to be affected by the business plan, knowing their aspirations and expectations is very important. He also opines that we learn a lot by travelling, exploring places and people, getting to know about different perspectives and angles of various issues rather than straight-jacketing ourselves to just bookish content. It is very important that we also befriend capable peers of other premier B-Schools and maintain healthy exchange of ideas which enhances overall learning.

We hope Chintan continues to bring more and more laurels to our college as usual and inspire future generations of SCMHRDians to scale greater heights and strive for excellence.

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