Canvas – Musings of the Wall


The monotony of a structure is that it is definite,it is an outline within a frame whereas Art  is a flow,it is melange of ideas that takes form of colours and transcend into a world of expressions. The two seem so incongruous to be even talked about in a single breath. Yet that is the beauty of expression, it can breath life even into the most confining objects and S.H.A.P.A.T.H, the face of SCMHRD’s CSR activities, the voice of conscience, the bearers of goodwill did exactly that. They took a mere being of wall, that was all brick and mortar looking into an endless stream, waiting to fade in the  enormities of nature and transformed it into a canvas of adage.

It was not just a canvas with a painter reflecting his strokes. The task was of epic proportions and every member of the team had to give in everything to make the piece of art appear seamless. The canvas was 16 * 20 feet, just the orchestration was in itself arduous. But when like minded people work with a common vision, the puzzle starts being palpable. It took two days of broad sunlight and waxing glaze of moonlight to carve the art out of the obsolete mountain of a wall. The sketching started with the shores of ideas being enamoured into the palette of hues, everyone was ashore with their craft and it kept tinting until the emotions of the colours became an embodiment of their visions. What started with an artist looking into the ocean, ended up with the artist being that ocean.


The canvas captures the beauty of Charlie Chaplin, his spontaneity, sense of timing, his play on the eyes and there could not have been a better place to capture the Artist of words, the painter of smiles than on the eminent Canvas of The wall. It seems like he is peeking into a work mongering world of SCMHRD’s students and contemplating on it. The Great Charlie Chaplin is evident in his Glory outfit with his baguette of a moustache right in motion. To some it might seem just an another picture staring down the wall with notions of art embedded on a coarse pile and to some it might mirror the very existential life. The purpose is not to catch your eye but to make you think, the colours riveting through are not there to celebrate art but to make one muse. The purpose is to make people dig in and discern what’s missing. That is the whole point of the colours, to give meaning not to the wall but to those students away from the life, in its bare sense.

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