Sujay Prabhu, Best Summer Intern, Genpact

cvphoto_sujaysprabhuAs part of my summer internship with Genpact, my project was on employee engagement, which is given a lot of priority since the BPO sector is very critical to Genpact’s business operations and attrition in the sector is high. To be picked as the Best Summer Intern at Genpact out of nearly 70 interns from the best B-Schools is truly an honour. It wasn’t a solo effort and a lot of the credit must go to my mentor, my batch mates and the faculty at SCMHRD. I would like to add that a few years down the line, I wish to see myself in a position of senior management wherein I can influence important managerial decisions, and speaking of many years down the line, I’d like to be the CHRO of a reputed organization.

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