Being Young in Ernst & Young


On 12th of July 2018, Aditi Mendiratta was walking through a regular day in the life of an MBA student, with tight packed classes to begin with, when her phone rang. Sitting in the middle of a lecture with her phone on silent mode, she ignored the first call. 3-4 calls later, she realized something was fishy and went on to take the call. That was when she got the happiest, non-regular news- She had cracked a PPO from Ernst & Young!

This journey began on a bright day with EY arriving in the campus during summers. There she had her first round of Group Discussion along with 6 other students. Subsequently, she had her first round of interview which paved the way to a second and a third and ultimately to a placement offer at EY as an intern. She felt exuberant that the entire selection process was over in the blink of an eye!

Being an Arts graduate from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University, with a major in Economics, Aditi did not have any prior exposure of working in a corporate setting and internship was a whole new road for her as she was apprehensive and worried as to how would it be to actually go and work in a corporate culture.

At the Corporate House of EY in Gurgaon, she was given her project in 3 days and it was to make an online assessment mechanism for frontline sales people in FMCG Industry. Hailing from an HR background, one of the initial few hurdles that she had to face was being unaware of the sales profile and how it functioned. Another obstacle was her lack of knowledge in the field of coding, which was vital in order to build an online assessment. Further, the assessment mechanism required that she used personality tests, for which she had to understand the psyche of the employees. To add to that, EY being a consultancy firm, even her manager wasn’t able to give her much time as he always had clients to attend to.

Nevertheless, these roadblocks didn’t stop her from putting in her best and keeping her calm. Planning and Prioritization were the two vanguards that have been her guiding lights apart from her manager, who on finding out that things were turning crucial for her, stepped into the picture by going out of his way, exceeding his time in the office and helping her in every possible way whilst making sure that in the end everyone in their department knew what she had done and appreciated her for the same.

To sum it up in a few words, the internship was herculean. But according to Aditi, come what may, one should not give up. She vouches on the importance of one’s attitude in life and how it can take you places. For her, not all days were full of sunshine. She had to sacrifice her weekends as well but down the line her persistence and hard efforts bore fruits.

Looking forward to her remaining year in SCMHRD and beaming with excitement, she plans on making the most of it by being there for her friends and juniors and trying out new things. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge is what sets her apart from the crowd. She believes learning is a lifelong process and it doesn’t end with a PPO!





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