Away From Home By Shruti Agrawal

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Weather of  SCMHRD is perfect feather to my dreams….

I was one among the thousands of aspirants who wish to be a part of a good B-school. Fortunately I grabbed the opportunity and landed at SCMHRD. This gift of God had brought about a dimensional shift in my life.

It has pulled me out of my comfort zone to create something of my own.

The pedagogy of this institute is the only premise behind this shift,wherein I was made to learn,unlearn and relearn various concepts. As a result I not just imbibing them but they have gotten inculcated in my life.

Well, Experience is the expense of success,and I am at the right place to feel it.The Guest Lectures organised in the institute have not only helped me to learn from experience of various dignitaries but also enabled me to understand the mystery of life.

As, I am here to arise;I can’t summarize my journey at SCMHRD. But the following lines complement my experience

We’re not just stars in the night sky…sometimes bright sometimes dull… We’re galaxies, still taking shape, still growing, still extending our boundaries and testing  them, and still evolving.       


Shruti Agrawal

MBA 2015-17


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