Atlantis Diaries

Atlantis Diaries, as its name depicts, enticed the tenor of SCMHRD with the presence of its speakers who illuminated our hearts and captivated our minds.

SCMHRD was proud to address the august presence of Zeeshan Ramlan whose memoirs of life stories set chronicles of inspiration for each and every individual. His unique tales quite take the shape of a concave up, increasing graph when consolidated and that is what sums up the essence of his ingenuity and kindness. An empathizer at heart, he enacts to every message of God which is conveyed. According to him the act of giving is the only gesture which can pacify one’s soul. Considered to be a failure by even his near ones, he replied with a counter reciprocity of flying colours of success in every field he joined in.

The next was Sukhmani Sadana- the versatile genius who believes in persistency and being independent. A writer, an actor and a mentor to all us, she enthralled us with her presence and her words. Her bubbly personality and her free flowing fervour won our hearts. From her very childhood the super-confident woman had already budded and she fled from Amritsar to chase her dreams. The tint of melodrama always camouflaged into her haemoglobin but she never knew that this would one day fetch her the best actress award for her web series. An efficient scriptwriter for illustrious advertisement agencies to acting for soap operas under for Aditya Chopra- the metamorphosis was exemplary and there was no turning back. She believes in the fact that diligence and destiny work hand in hand. Thus keeping faith in oneself would open anyone’s door for success.

Amongst every other spine chilling stories, one that left shivers down my spinal cord was that of Anmol Rodrigues. I would have never believed that twenty three is a magic number until I enlightened myself with the life-story of her. A popular instagrammer and a social influencer now, went through a horrendous accident of acid attack when she was just a few months old. Abandoned by almost everyone related to her, she grew up in an orphanage. But some precious years before orphanage she did spend with the doctors and nurses. The act of their nurture and empathy always engineered her attention to the white apron. An industrious scholar and consistent school topper, she set her goals administered towards the world of medicine. But societal rules ruled the prima facie and she was not allowed to pursue her dreams. Things even worsened when she joined college. Society played its own game and she was disowned at every place she went. At the end of her college she was placed in L&T Infotech. But sorority has more cruel laws there. Eventually she lost her job and with time she had by now realized that the only issue for them was her face. But the warrior knew how to win her battle. Sheer determination, courage and self-belief made her rule over the ground.

These are little droplets from the vast ocean where we thrive to survive. These stories enlighten us ,awaken us to even brighter mornings where trust reigns and virtues fly over.