Aspirant Outreach Drive- 2022: Sculpting Dreams and Aspirations

SCMHRD Pune- being one of the top 20 B-schools of the country, is one of the dream institutions for many aspirants. Stellar placement records, exceptional curriculum, great teaching pedagogy, and a bustling campus life make it the B-school of choice for many aspirants. To spread awareness about SNAP, and the rigorous GEPIWAT process that comes to follow, the Aspirant Outreach Drive 2022 was conducted. 

The Admissions and PR Team of SCMHRD Pune successfully concluded their flagship pan-India Event, the Aspirant Outreach drive 2022. The event was instituted to connect with SNAP aspirants throughout the country. Owing to the recent pandemic, the team conducted the drive from 2nd September 2022 onwards in both the online and offline modes to attempt to reach out to the thousands of SNAP aspirants in the country and acquaint them with all they need to know about SNAP and SCMHRD.

This year, the team targeted the outreach toward aspirants in 35+ cities in India. The offline drive was conducted in the bustling cities of Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Dehradun. There was a host of coaching centers covered in the offline mode, along with various online engagements and YouTube Lives to cater to the online participants of the event. Through this drive, the team could spread awareness to an estimated headcount of 16000+ aspirants in the offline mode and 21000+ aspirants in the online mode. Through various YouTube live sessions, all attempts were made to increase aspirant awareness. There were collaborative sessions conducted with different coaching center platforms wherein eager aspirants joined in to clarify their queries regarding the entrance exam and life at SCMHRD. 

The basic flow of the sessions delivered followed a very systematic outlay. The SNAP exam’s important dates, registration deadlines, SNAP Syllabus, and SNAP Paper Pattern were conveyed. This was followed by a segment on SCMHRD, the institute’s various prestigious rankings and accreditations, campus life, and placement records. A Mini SNAP Quiz was also conducted to keep the aspirants engaged and give them a taste of the actual question types they may face on D-Day. Each session ended with an interactive Q&A session wherein the team handled the aspirants’ queries regarding SNAP and SCMHRD. 

The flagship case study competition, SCMHRD Zeal 4.0, was also launched in these sessions. SCMHRD Zeal is one of the golden opportunities for an aspirant to experience some components of life at B school, like solving real-time business- case studies, before starting their MBA journey. The quiz winners were rewarded with exciting vouchers for their promptness and accuracy in answering the quiz. 

Talking apart from the numbers, the drive also bore impact-related results. The team was able to connect with the aspirants and solve their genuine queries. The positive outcomes of the drive could also be gauged from the appreciative support that the team received from the coaching centers. Aspirant Outreach Drive 2022 was undoubtedly a success, as it bridged the gap between the institute and the various aspiring candidates that wish to be a part of the SCMHRD legacy.

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