Aritra Maity, Best Summer Intern, Pidilite


Aritra Maity, Calcutta, Marketing
I was associated with the new product development team and worked with two new Pidilite products. There are 11 verticals at Pidilite and I was in the Rurban Division,one which caters to a population below 50 thousand. Coming to the basis of performance assessment at Pidilite, the company looks at the amount of sales carried through since it focuses more on sales than marketing but it doesn’t overlook general qualities such as regularity and punctuality. I learnt about the entire distribution network at Pidilite about the new product development process,- designing, conception, ideation, market launch, feedback and estimating market potential.
Preparation is crucial for any interview-you must be thorough with basic marketing knowledge, read up on blogs, newsletters, insider news, marketing strategies of various prominent FMCGs and employ them intelligently during your presentation. I believe my long term goals are consequential and depend on where I am at this moment. Coming to short-term goals, I intend to work for Pidilite and then get my PhD within the next few years. Therefore, I prefer executing my short-term goals and working up the ladder.

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