AOD ‘21 – Turning aspirations into reality

The Aspirant Outreach drive of SCMHRD, kicked off on 10th September, 2021, and saw an attendance of passionate SNAP aspirants from all parts of the country. The three-day event, conducted by the admissions and PR team of SCMHRD, is one of a kind national event for MBA aspirants. Through the event, the team aims to make the aspirant journey towards clearing SNAP less tedious.

The event, which went live in more than 35 cities across the country, is considered one of the most significant events conducted by any B-school for aspirants. Through the event, the team successfully reached out to more than 14,000 students and could collaborate with coaching institutes of repute as well. The aspirants were enlightened about the SNAP 2021 structure, important dates, and different sections, throughout the session.

The aspirants looked forward to the tips and tricks the SNAP toppers used to ace the exam last year and the life offered at SCMHRD post that. The wannabe B-schoolers also got a glimpse into the placements offered. This year’s event also held a surprise for the aspirants in the form of quizzes with lucrative prizes. The questions were set in such a way that they mirrored the questions asked in SNAP. The fastest fingers got to take home prizes worth Rs. 1000 

The event also saw the launch of the much-awaited “SCMHRDZeal 3.0” on Dare2Compete. The competition is one-of-a-kind opportunity presented to B-school aspirants to prove their mettle. This edition, like its predecessors, comes in three rounds; a 30-minute quiz round followed by a case competition round. This second round gives a real-life experience of the B-school journey. The final round of the competition is the case study presentation where they explain their solution before a panel of eminent jury. The national competition offers cash prizes worth Rs. 35,000.

The session ended with a Q&A session where all the queries of aspirants were answered.  The event ended on a good note, with the team wishing all the MBA aspirants a fruitful exam season. The enthusiasm and participation the students showcased stands as a testimony to the overall success of the Aspirant Outreach drive 2021.

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