Another Gem in the Jewel of illustrious alumni: Ms. Manu Wadhwa | Blog

SCMHRD congratulates its alumna of batch 2001, Ms. Manu N Wadhwa who is currently serving as Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) in Sony Pictures Networks India on being featured in the cover story of the renowned magazine ‘All things talent’. Her great vision has not only contributed to Sony Pictures but has taken world-class organisations like GE, American Express, Coca-Cola to greater heights.  She truly, is a purpose-driven HR professional who focuses on nurturing ecosystems wherein individuals challenge their own, as well as their team’s limits, to drive the growth of the organisation and the universe around them.  Apart from her great contribution across various industries and countries over the last two decades, she has also been contributing to Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)- National Leadership & HR Committee, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)- Asia Pacific Advisory Board, Chandigarh University Corporate Advisory Board and Bombay Advisory Board through her association with them.

In her interview with ‘All things Talent’, she talks of her rollercoaster journey, highlighting the benefits of aligning HR system with business strategy, the importance of investing in innovation, intrapreneurship and Artificial intelligence & Technology. She also talked about the key elements of her success which helped her during the professional paradigm of life. Voluntarily taking complex assignments, withstanding every failure, effective collaboration with stakeholders and focus on holistic wellness are some of the factors that can be associated to her success. She also talked about how AGILITY plays a huge role in the VUCA world. According to her, agile leadership, agile teams and agile learning are the foundations of the sustainable ecosystem in the organisations. The interview also led to discussions on many other prominent topics like  HR Strategy, Innovation, HR tech, skills and integrations required, change management, diversity and inclusion and work philosophy which not only provide new dimensions for existing managers to think again but also to a lot of people sitting out there who aspire to contribute in the same field.

SCMHRD is proud to have great alumni like Ms. Manu N Wadhwa and is always keen to share their success stories, learnings and discoveries with everyone out there who dare to dream big. 

SCMHRD congratulates Ms. Manu N Wadhwa again for her feature and contribution in the field of HR across industries and wishes her the very best in all her future endeavours.


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