Another Brick In The Wall By Nishtha Upadhyay

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It was in the year 1993 when the foundations of this great business school were laid. Since then there has been no looking back and the institute has grown to make a mark for itself in the list of premier institutes. Every year a new batch comes to this abode of knowledge and learning and becomes a part of the strong wall called ‘SCMHRD’. Every batch brings with it new vigour and rejuvenated energy. They then gel into the various traditions and values which are a part of SCMHRD.

This year is no different, batch 2015-17 is the ‘new brick in the wall’ of this institute. 240 students have brought with them different experiences and varied cultures. Each student is a bundle of valuable experiences and learnings. They will now amalgamate and form a big family that will bond together for the years to come.

SCMHRD is one place where people come with sky-high expectations and they are not let down in any way. In fact the institute offers them a lot more than what one expects and gives them a platform that is unmatched in terms of learning and opportunities. This is a platform where future leaders are made and they are truly ‘global citizens’. These leaders are determined to be catalysts of change and not just reactive audiences in the organisations that they join.

The wall, i.e. SCMHRD has been strengthened each year by a new brick. The wall is now twenty three years old and is getting stronger day by day. At the beginning of each academic year one can only anticipate as to what shape the new brick will give to the wall. This year again it’s all about waiting and watching and anticipating what this batch holds for SCMHRD family and for the world.

Nishtha Upadhyay
MBA 2015-17

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