Angels @ SCMHRD By Saurabh Patil

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Failure. It’s the one word which I have always feared. It’s something which everyone always tries to keep away from. It’s something I didn’t expect when I joined SCMHRD. And 3 months into the journey, I am engulfed by clouds of the shadowy experience of Summer Placements. I am bewildered with the extent of noise that it has created in my mind and amazed to see the sorrow created by it in my soul. It’s refusing to let me go but I haven’t quit yet. I still try to boost my morale.
This is my story of coping with my failure during Summer Placements.

Every day began early long before the sun rose up. And everyday I got up with the expectation of getting through. Every day has ended with the shattering of my expectations and considerable demoralization. So far my routine for the past one week has been-sitting in a hall, watching friends get placed, eagerly waiting for my name to be called out and skipping the food because of the disappointment of not getting selected. This was more than enough to bring down a man of high spirits such as me to fickle smiles now and then. But, amidst all this,unknowingly,the angels of SCMHRD made their way ,reached out to me and ensured that I would be there every day to witness my own strength and learn from my resilience. No, I didn’t meet a smoky figure.Neither did God come to see me in my dreams. It was a few people around me, who for no particular reason,stayed with me to ensure that I was alright.

It’s really difficult to understand why a human being would go out of his/her way to comfort you. I guess it is the innate nature of every human being and maybe we just need to put on the glasses of a situation where it shines out the best. I really don’t know what made these people (my roommates, my batch mates, my seniors and my professors) give me that push and believe in me when I had lost hope in myself.

I might get placed in the coming days but I have already gotten placed in the life of many people here and I appreciate that more than anything else. Having people around oneself who care about you is the biggest asset one can have!

I am here because I love to write. But more importantly, I am here to give a small token of gratitude to my angels. Thank you all for being there with me.

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