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As you step out of your room, analytics step into your life. Nowadays, analytics is seeing the light of the day. I am fortunate to be a part of the PGPBA program of SCMHRD. The micro view has changed to macro as it is used in each and every industry. The past two and a half months (for the sake of precision) at SCMHRD have been very appreciable.  The course structure is pretty exciting, but admittedly it is also a LOT to take on. In the Business Analytics program, data is the clay and it’s up to you how well you play with it. Surprisingly, as it turns out, that even with all those barriers (no objectives or goals), tools like R and SPSS force us to think beyond a significance level and add different dimensions to our conclusions. It also promises the predictive nature of analytics for forecasting the unknown. It’s all about how well you play with the set of data given to you. This course is a platform on which learning analytics can be especially helpful by providing us with growing trends in the market.

Before I started the course, my understanding of what analytics is like was completely different from what I’ve experienced in PGPBA so far. Like most people, I too had apprehensions about this field. But this program has helped me to confront my apprehensions and has provided new dimensions to my cognitive ability.

Looking back to my first few weeks of bliss, I had time enough to settle in and get comfortable with what student life here is like and what is expected out of me, which was exactly what I needed. From then on I don’t think that I’ve looked back, my skills have definitely improved and I’ve genuinely learnt so much! Not only in terms of skills to use in real life work, but also in terms of general life skills. The bread and butter of this entire program is to imbibe and inculcate analytics in day to day life.

Bhavna Bhasin

PGPBA (15-16)


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