Alumni Interaction

Akshat Gupta, an illustrious alumnus of the 2005 batch of SCMHRD, graduated with an MBA in Human Resource and is currently working with Indegene as the Global Head for Talent Acquisition. SCMHRD is grateful to him for conducting a session for the batch of 2019-21 on how to prepare for the summer internships. He gave meaningful insights on various questions that the students might come across during the summer placements. To begin with, he discussed about framing suitable answers to the most commonly asked questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “What are your hobbies”. He pointed out the importance of being respectful, maintaining eye contact and being confident in your words as well as body language. Moving further, he discussed the importance of having knowledge about every recruiter by doing a thorough research about them. He educated the batch about the importance of understanding the basics of every subject. He suggested that the batch should be clear on what they are looking for and must be able to sell themselves to the recruiter. He conducted a group activity wherein the batch could identify their strengths and weaknesses and how they should perform effectively in a group activity. Akshat also illustrated the importance of understanding a job description and how the individual must relate to the responsibility of his job. He also mentioned some essentials an individual must have before presenting themselves before a recruiter. Most importantly, he gave us insights as to what kind of traits a company or recruiter would be looking for. The session was really enlightening and SCMHRD really appreciates Akshat Gupta for taking time off his busy day to educate the students of the Batch of 2019-21.

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