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In the corporate world today, one has the good fortune of meeting several qualified and successful professionals, remarkably aggressive in their own brand of knowledge and unyielding work ethics. However, not all of them can be labelled with the Good Human Being tag. It is with sheer luck, that one finds such a thriving professional with an equally good heart. Aakash Dhage, the very first PPO holder in the Infrastructure Management specialization, Batch 2016-18, is one of those rare human beings who combines the best of both worlds. Born in Maharashtra, a true Maratha at heart, Aakash Dhage, now a final year student at SCMHRD, is originally a Mechanical Engineer with 15 months of work experience in Design Consulting. Last year, he successfully bagged an internship with the Kalpataru Ltd.

The Kalpataru Journey:  When asked to describe his journey at Kalpataru, Aakash concluded that the experience was “adrenalinic”, which he was sure wasn’t a word, but the best gist of his stint there. He worked in the Strategic Initiatives Department, where in the brief period of 70 days, 2 major projects and 17 assignments were expected of him. The 1st one of the major projects, titled “Cycle time reduction of a standard operating procedure” was related to cancellation of units, that in Kalpataru term means ‘Flats’. The combined knowledge acquired during his MBA, helped him to apply various Lean Concepts into play. This 1st project took 3 weeks to finish. Structured research, knowledge of operations, inventory management and basic knowledge in consumer behaviour, helped him reach an implementable solution. The solution came out in the form of an Online Tracking Mechanism, which was designed and developed by Aakash himself, and is currently used by Kalpataru.

The 2nd project required him to “Implement 5S at Kalapataru Crest” at Bhandup. This was a site specific project, where the concept of 5S was to be implemented at the construction site in the context. Beginning from the identification of issues, origin of solutions, to implementation of those solutions in the most effective manner, Aakash worked relentlessly and made sure that his work was recognized, not just on paper but on the construction site as well. Several challenges came his way, but instead of bowing down to them he chose to rise up to tackle them.

Word of Advice:  His story is nothing short of inspirational, where boundless optimism, confidence in one’s abilities and sheer grit pays off. For the present and future juniors of his college, Aakash has an informed threefold message: First, “Do your homework.”, second, “Follow your passion.” He goes on to elucidate that one’s passion will follow you to whichever field you end up working in. This is what makes your work unique. And third, “Be patient, and don’t take things for granted.” Good things will happen. It was truly a fulfilling internship and a trail blazing journey in infrastructure management.

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