A taste of victory

Case competitions provide holistic learning experiences where a student can hone his problem-solving skills and broaden his thinking. SCMHRD always strives to impart the best education to its students and encourages them to solve as many case studies as possible. Being one of the top B-schools in the country, the institution is privy to some exclusive case study competitions. Adding yet another feather to the cap, team Bridge Connect has successfully emerged as the National winners of Thoucentric’s Bottoms Up Season 2.0. The team comprises three 2nd year Marketing students; Neermalya Das, Ayush Agarwal, and Saurabh Amrit.

Speaking about the case challenge, there were three rounds, of which the first one was a quiz. Post qualifying that, the team was required to choose a case from a domain of their liking from six varied fields. In the second round, they had to present their solution. The shortlisted teams were then called upon to give their ideas in the finale. They had chosen the ‘Sales and Distribution’ domain wherein they were presented with a case about changing business practices. The team was tasked to find proactive solutions to set up unified commerce for an FMCG company. Much of the case revolved around employee experience and their needs and how it could help the changing business practices in the coming years.

The team members recollect how unique the case was and how they had to focus on niche areas to crack the case. Their strategy to getting to the heart of the case was to research and brainstorm their ideas extensively. They had to test the waters with new ideas unknown to them, which ended up being the deal-breaker. In the finals, they had to present to the company’s founder, which proved to be a wholesome experience. They were presented with a PPI opportunity upon winning the challenge.

The case studies are one of the best ways to learn in an MBA, remarks one of the team members. They help one understand the real-life problems organizations today are facing and make management students industry-ready. The path leading up to the case presentation is filled with research, which helps one know immensely about business solutions. 

The journey of the team serves as an inspiration to all. Having had an almost-win last year in another case competition, the team used their close brush with success as a striving factor for cracking this challenge. Theirs is a story of perseverance and motivation. The SCMHRD fraternity hopes to see them win many case studies in the future and wishes all three students the very best for their future endeavours.

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