A Superhero who serves ‘Chai’

“One fine evening, during a soiree in my hometown with a senior, Siddhant, I realised that students relied on a roadside Tapri to escape the wear and tear of the day with a warm cup of chai. That is when I decided to set-up my small venture to make tea for all the tea-lovers- people who through their childhood relied on this cup of brewed happiness through their exam entrances and studies.” And there was no looking back!

From a venture that grew out of serving happiness in small cups after a long hard day to the future MBA graduates, to saving the nation through the ideal of ‘Seva’, Mitul Padsala a student of first year MBA at SCMHRD has set new bars for all the budding entrepreneurs. The world, after all, requires leaders who win your hearts than ventures who mint money. The venture, ChaiPartner that began with a simple thought of keeping friends happy has grown and revamped itself into a savior for daily wage workers, health workers and policemen toiling everyday for 18-20 hours straight to save the world from the latches of the pandemic.

The highlight of the venture being carried out by the student is its centrality on feedback and customer satisfaction. He started out by serving tea for free to the students of SCMHRD, asking for constructive feedback to improve the taste. While he had perfected his tea, he responded to a greater calling of the entire world and put the knowledge gained through management into use by using technology seamlessly to produce content that would encourage people to stay at home and support the health workers. During such dire times, he had the courage to go out there to serve food to 650 families for 21 days with the dollops of happiness served in a cup.

The modesty shown by the student on carrying out such a remarkable endeavor is another sight to behold. He says, “I feel I’m not on the wrong track and such activities give me great satisfaction. A venture, big or small, if not used to serve the nation is of no use in such times. My only aim is to give my customer the experience of a good-tasting cup of chai and provide him the ambience in which he can enjoy it.”

The institution is proud of such students who use the holistic education imparted to them in majestic ways. Keep following hashtags, #GharSeDeshBachaye- a campaign to support Janta Curfew, #EkChaiInkeLiyeBhi- to support policemen and sweepers who form the backbone of the ongoing crisis and #KuchZarurateinUnkeBhi- to support daily wage workers and contributing to provide them food. The institution takes great pride in its students and wishes Mitul Padsala hearty good luck for his upcoming ventures!


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