Hindustan Times’ Rendezvous with Dr Pratima Sheorey

Recently, the Hindustan Times talked to Pratima Sheorey, Director of Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) about her views on management education, creating an industry-ready workforce, and the future of SCMHRD. Here, are a few excerpts from their conversation.

Creating an industry-ready workforce

Day in and day out, we come across headlines that state management graduates do not match industry requirements. In this scenario, it has become increasingly crucial for business schools to update their syllabus to match what the corporate world wants.

Along with a relevant curriculum, Dr Sheorey ensures students at SCMHRD are exposed to experiential learning right from the first semester. This teaching methodology helps them understand how to apply their knowledge in real-life situations. Plus, the industry today does not want students who are tech experts; but who have a blend of behavioural skills as well. With frequent guest lectures from industry experts, students can enhance skills such as people management, crisis management, conflict handling and negotiation.

Upgrading students’ expertise

As mentioned earlier, the industry is looking for individuals with relevant domain expertise. To ensure students can upgrade their knowledge and skills as and when the industry evolves, this management institute has Bloomberg terminals, SAP lab, Oracle lab and Analytics lab and offers value-added programmes such as IBM, CISCO, EMC, and more.

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