A Piecemeal Journey By Shruti Dixit

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This time last year, we were all aiming for the best management institutes in the country. I remember preparing hard for the entrance exams and interviews, desperately wanting to get into a good MBA college. It was March when the First Merit List of SCMHRD was declared and I was in it. I was ecstatic as it was one of the best B-schools I had a call from. Since the time of conversion,I began to speculate on how the everyday life of an MBA student at SCMHRD is. I began looking for blogs and posts by SCMHRDians.I also contacted a few students here that I already knew.

I reached SCMHRD on 1st June and the first week  got me pepped up due to the lax schedule that we had. But starting the following week,classes were scheduled at odd hours of the day,even at 6:40 in the evening and in these three and a half months that I have spent here, I have not had a single weekend off. The first month went by smoothly and the majority of time was spent in getting to know everyone. I spoke to several people during my first week which made it quite a task  to recollect their names. But it has been a different experience as this is my maiden stint at a hostel and being surrounded with people other than my family 24×7.

The journey of the past 3.5 months has truly been a roller coaster ride with my spirits really high at one point and whittled down to zero at the other. The college has  an amicable learning environment. Now when I look back at the most stressful days we had such as the committee selection week, my perception of it differs from what I then held back then. During the process, I was fatigued and I hoped for week to end soon. It was an experience that I might not have again, the constant running back and forth, giving five to six consecutive GD’s and interviews; those rounds did hone us for some even more stressful days to come.

I have managed to make some good friends here in these three and half months, the ones whose company I enjoy and with whom I can be myself. I have also successfully managed to give 16 exams in 4days, a target I would have never been able to achieve otherwise! When I reflect back, these incidents fill me with wonder on having been able to sail through them just fine. I have had days when it has become difficult to stay in this campus; the world seems restricted within it. Bad days make me want to step out even for a little while to get some fresh air and see new faces. A change is what I desire the most during those gloomy days. Although only a few months have passed and my MBA journey is left in its entirety, I feel “enriched” with several experiences that I want to share with people outside. It is like a box full to the brim with amazing anecdotes and experiences waiting to spill out!

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