A Girl Who Reads


When the youth blooms,the most recurring event is falling in love. The love has its stories,it’s moments,it’s joy,it’s tears,the embrace and the shirk of hands. But after years of getting thrashed in love and and bruised by its catapults,i have suddenly realised that to love a girl who reads is the most obvious choice.

A girl who understands the music of words in the noises of grooming blithe,a girl who drools over a box of reading slice,a girl whose smells of fresh printed ink and a girl whose accessory is nothing but her reading grin. I wish for her in my life,so that she scratches my wisdom and flicks my eyes. Who cares what brand she wears if she has a classic in her right,who cares what people say if she reads with no hue and cry. I don’t fall for her if she has a beautiful smile but I can’t stop if she holds a pen and licks it while she writes. Her room might seem incongruent but her book shelf screams life,she might seem forgetful but she never forgets which book stands and which has freight. Her idea of a perfect gift is a box set,her favourite author and all his might. Her argument rhymes of William Shatner and her love pledges thy,she screams of classics and you don’t even realise. She takes you on a date and asks you to read,she forgets the world and let’s the words be. She gets upset when you skip a line,she giggles when you say something brine. She corrects your grammar and puzzles you nigh, she loves you more with every book she gets in her stride.

Love a girl who reads and your life would never dry,kiss her books and you shall have a soul to share for an entire while. Live a girl who reads and you shall know how’s living a life,through her eyes watch the lie you lived and how plastic it was to call it worth your while.

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