#9: PPO Chronicles- Sidhant Saxena, Wipro

Sidhant Saxena from Batch 2020-22, specializing in Sales and Marketing, got the opportunity to intern with Wipro, which eventually led to a Pre-Placement Offer with the same company.

The internship provided him with an exciting opportunity to work in the utility sector. This involved an extensive amount of research in order to identify the market leaders in the regions of the United Kingdom and Ireland. In order to do so, he created company profiles, identified business transformations, and got the trends from the past two to three years listed down. He conducted this research while also developing a unique preparedness matrix that would provide recommendations to associated companies on any actions to be taken.

Prior to the commencement of the internship, Wipro organized a lot of opportunities for interactions between the interns and the senior leaders. Wipro presented a welcoming and engaging environment that enriched his experience at the company. Weekly interactions and gamification sessions helped him better comprehend the project’s deliverables.

He focused mainly on developing efficient solutions during the internship and took up a highly research-oriented approach. This excessive research and regular engagements with the managers helped develop his path-breaking and innovative preparedness matrix. His abilities of time management and out-of-the-box thinking garnered the attention of the senior leaders, which subsequently led to his PPO.

He has completed his Bachelor of Technology from SRM University Chennai, specializing in Electronics and Communication Engineering. After this, he worked with TCS for two years as an SAP GRC consultant. This work experience equipped him with the right tools to adapt and thrive at Wipro as it was a similar working environment.

The culture of Wipro requires a lot of hard work, so his advice to the juniors is to stay headstrong and not succumb to the pressure. Develop exceptional presentation and communication skills while proactively engaging with the mentors and leaders. This will help expand your knowledge horizon and understand things beyond the scope of the project. He further emphasized the importance of exploring and creating a good rapport with the managers.

-Suvrata G, Media and PR Team

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