#9: PPO Chronicles- Karan Rawat, HSBC

Karan Rawat, from the batch of 2019-21, pursuing an MBA in Finance, bagged a pre-placement offer from HSBC.

He earned this accolade through an annual IB League campus case-study competition organized by HSBC. IB League is a business simulation challenge wherein participants are given roles of mangers in a bank’s Mergers & Acquisitions department. The task entailed upon them was to analyse deals from the client’s perspective. He participated in the competition in a group of three members, where the challenge for team was to analyse and suggest a plan of action with regards to Zee Entertainment Ltd., entering the theatre sub-segment by acquiring either Inox or PVR. The challenge was based to provide real-time positions of Zee Entertainment Ltd., Inox and PVR using some facts provided to the participating teams. The team had to present their idea post which members had to go through multiple rounds of interviews before finally securing a PPO.

Before pursuing his MBA, Karan had completed his B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IP University in the year 2016. He gained enriching experience from his 2+ years of work experience at Accenture and 1 year at LuxSoft Financial Services.

Besides being the Campus Winner for HSBC IB League, Karan had also secured the title of National Finalist for EYGBS Young Tax Professional of the Year in his first year at MBA. He attributes his success in the competition to his participation in numerous competitions in the course so far. He believes that competitions such as IB League gives a glimpse into the real world and market scenarios and helps to gather immense learnings from them.

Although the competition and his work experience were not pertaining to the domain of Finance, he does believe having prior experience at an organisation helps participants better navigate these competitions. He also credits his prior summer internship and the numerous skills he learned from there as the mantra for his success.

To his fellow juniors, Karan’s advice is to participate in as many business competitions as possible, not always with the ulterior motive of bagging a PPO, but for the numerous valuable learnings and experiences that can be gathered to be beneficial for the future. He also emphasizes the importance of performing well in the summer internship, to go above and beyond what is expected and really excelling.

We congratulate Karan and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

-Priyanshi Jain, Media and PR Team

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