Session on Evolving Careers in the Field of HR by Mr. Nachiket Anekar

The afternoon of 15 June 2022 was graced by the presence of our esteemed alumnus of SCMHRD 2014 Batch, Mr. Nachiket Anekar.  The MBA students got an opportunity to interact with and learn about the roles and careers in the domain of HR.

Being an HR professional with experience across diverse domain areas such as – Rewards & Recognition, Industrial Relations, Talent Acquisition, Assessments, HR Policy Design, Change Management, Compensation, Performance management and Talent management, Mr. Anekar enlightened the students by giving insights into the careers in HR and also guided students on how to select their specializations. 

The session started with Mr. Anekar reminiscing his old days of being a student. Not going by the traditional way of making the audience go through PPT slides, Mr. Anekar chose to engage the audience by asking questions and kept the session interactive. 

In his lecture, Mr. Anekar raised the question “What do you think an HR does?” to which his answer was “HR is the consciousness of the organization”. This one line holds a lot of meaning which was well elaborated by him through multiple examples and case studies. Later he differentiated between the terms- Organizational Development and Organizational Effectiveness citing interesting examples. He briefed on the Industry Relations (IR) aspect of HR in which his first-hand experience of being an IR manager of Philips and his role as an HR head in Gillette well explained the topic. 

Mr. Anekar also threw light on the interesting subject matter of unions in an organization. He rolled out a question to the audience, “Why do you think unions exist?”, to which many students participated to answer and gave interesting responses. His insights on various HR functions like employee engagement, performance management, rewards, HR analytics, HR services, and HR automation were enlightening.

“Take a specialization through a perspective you think will be better for you and which will make you happier in the next 10 years” said Mr. Anekar which was a piece of advice given at the end of the session that will be remembered by every student while selecting a specialization. 

The students had a great learning experience and every student became more informed perspective about HR and its roles.

Session on Evolving Careers in the Field of Marketing by Mr. Rudhreesh Kapur

SCMHRD was pleased to host Mr. Rudhreesh Kapur, vertical head (auto industry) in the digital ad sales business at Disney+ Hotstar, as a part of the Induction ceremony for the batch of 2022-2024. The students of the MBA batch of SCMHRD got an opportunity to interact with and learn business perspectives of marketing and what the evolving careers in the field of marketing are.

He is a person with impeccable industry knowledge and a knack for public speaking, having co-founded the debating club at SCMHRD. Mr. Rudhreesh believes that the rigor and culture of excellence at SCMHRD heee been the foundation for everything that lay ahead of him. 

Mr. Kapur advised the students to start with a clean state as they begin their MBA journey at SCMHRD, to let go of their previous experiences and start afresh. He further said that the decision-making for students starts now. He inspired students to develop a broad spectrum of skills and competencies. He said that students should be like Swiss army knives after they complete their MBA journey which would make them multi-faceted and make them ready for any challenge that they encounter when they join the corporate world. 

He stressed on the importance of peer learning and asked the students to build their tribe and develop deep relations with their peers and faculty. Furthermore, he advised the students to leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram to upskill and stay relevant. 

The session came to an end with Mr. Kapur giving a crucial piece of advice, he asked the listeners to “Champion one cause other than work”. The students had a great learning experience as Mr. Kapur shared his invaluable thoughts. 

Session on Evolving Careers in the Field of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Mr. Kunnal Sharna

Mr. Kunnal Sharma is an alumnus of SCMHRD and is a 2002 pass-out. He talked about three major points that are Entrepreneurship, Innovation-Strategy, and Jobs. In his lecture, he mentioned David Epstein’s book ‘Range’ which says that one should be a generalist. “Success is for people who are generalists” was the line quoted by Mr. Sharma. He even stated that outcomes are uncertain. The main idea behind mentioning this book was that he wanted the students to learn two main values required to be an entrepreneur and they are to be a generalist and to keep networking. He further made a point by giving an example of Mark Zuckerberg who is a generalist and how by networking he grew the Meta world. He touched upon the topic of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. He described entrepreneurship as thinking on one’s feet. He gave the example of Richard Branson’s company the Virgin group. It has been in business for the last 52 years and has about 40 businesses. The turnover of the company is 16.5 billion GBP.

He gave us insight into the book “Losing my virginity” which is an autobiography of Richard Branson about his successful business venture. He also informed us about the 20% rule that various successful businesses like Google, which added this idea in its various conglomerates in the future like Google news in 2002 and Gmail in 2004.

The topic of strategy was also discussed by him and he described it as an adaptive string of thoughts that is backed by action to reach a goal, he gave an example of the Indian Premiere League where he mentioned how the value per match has increased drastically over the years, in 2008 it was Rs. 11 Cr., Rs. 55 Cr. in 2018 and exceeded up to Rs. 107 Cr. in 2022.

At last, he suggested students to complete extensive research before choosing the desired Industry and Job Role.

He concluded with the mantra “stay motivated by all means”.

Session on Evolving Careers in the Field of Operations by Mr. Sujit Jilludimudi

SCMHRD was delighted to host Mr. Sujit Jilludimudi, special project Manager at Cummins Inc. The whole batch of SCMHRD got the essence of the field of Operations in a nutshell. Mr. Jilludimudi is an alumnus of batch 2014. After the MBA in operations management from SCMHRD, he joined Cummins Inc, where he had interned during college, as a customer quality manager, and continues to work there. 

The session started off with the explanation of the rate of various technology and innovations, where Mr. Jilludimudi explained it with the reference of Peter Thiel’s book, “Zero to One”. He also highlighted the competitive edge for competitors in the context of Operations, wherein he focused on Technology, Branding, Network effects, and Economies of Scale. 

Later, he also spoke on the evolution of Operations Management and how the concept of Toyota Production System(TPS) played a vital role in the field of management.  

Mr. Sujit emphasised on the importance of outsourcing. He also quoted the words of Peter Drucker, “Do what you do the best, and outsource the rest”. He also briefed on the skills required for blossoming in the domain of Operations like getting familiarised with digital tools, inculcating the habit of working with data, being thorough knowledge of products and customers, working with a wider stakeholder matrix, contingency planning to deliver customer promise and many more. He also explained the types of roles in operations, by delving deep into each of them.

The session came to an end with the Q&A session where students asked several doubts regarding the roles and careers in Operations. All in all, it was a great insightful session by Mr. Sujit Jilludimudi.

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