Workshop on Delore commission’s four pillars of education

“The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time.” – said management guru Peter Drucker. As another set of students set to embark upon the journey of learning in the hallowed halls of SCMHRD it is important to look at the importance of learning. The batch profile of this academic year as always, boasts of rich diversity with people of various cultures and backgrounds – candidates with work experience, fresher’s, a healthy gender ratio – with experiences and talents in various spheres of life have gathered here to call this place their home for the next 2 years and so much more. Though with all of the things making every one of us an amazing and unique individual, what unites us all is a desire to learn and develop ourselves among other things. In this vein the day’s session on “Learning to learn – A workshop on Delore commission’s four pillars of education” organized by the management of SCMHRD takes on a high level of importance.

The speaker of the session is Dr. Gargee Mitra, the head of Symbiosis schools central directorate. Dr. Mitra has completed her MSc in chemistry from VNSGU Surat and her M.Ed and Phd from Savitribai Phule university, Pune. Dr. Mitra has more than 14 research papers to her credit and been a part of pioneering research in the field of education and teaching. She describes herself as – “a passionate teacher, educator, a lifelong learner, who loves to create mind maps” 

The session went underway with a cordial welcome to Dr. Mitra from the student and faculty body. She kicked off the session by making the audience do some mind muscle coordination exercises which set the tone for how energetic the whole session was gonna be. The Delors commission is the unesco report of 1996 issued by the international commission on education for the twenty first century – “learning: the treasure within that” in which the developmental trends of the century were analyzed.The primary motive of the report is to highlight the fact that one should be a constant lifelong learner to achieve one’s goals and objectives in life. The four pillars are meant to be a means to that end.

The four pillars are : 

  • Learning to know: Learning to know as described by Dr. Mitra broadly entails developing one’s concentration, memory skills and ability to think with a broad general education with the possibility of working in depth on a select number of subjects. It also consists of understanding the world we inhabit and having a penchant for and nurturing a never ending curiosity.
  • Learning to do: Learning to do basically entails to acquire not only occupational skills but also the competence to deal with many situations and to work in teams.
  • Learning to live together: Learning to live together is the idea of being sensitive to the fact that we are all a diverse set of individuals which makes each one of us unique in our own way and yet we are very similar if we let go of our biases and differences. This enables us to take into consideration the philosophy of ubuntu – the whole universe is one family.
  • Learning to be : to develop one’s personality and to be able to act with growing autonomy, judgment and personal responsibility.

The session moved forward with a lot of interaction between the students and Dr.Mitra, who with her unique style of making things fun and relatable walked us through various aspects and skills that we could work on and develop to strengthen these 4 pillars like memorisation techniques, effective note taking methods and attitude changes like being open to new experiences and perceptions. She also enlightened us on the cognitive biases and problems which arise from the way our brains are wired like regency, relevancy and frequency biases which lead to some fun and light hearted moments during the session. The whole session was extremely fun and very interactive with some very surprising and interesting lessons for the entire student community which we are all going to cherish, practice and pass on to others for the rest of our lives. Dr Gargee MItra has really been an amazing speaker and a mind mapper who also somehow holds the map to the minds of people, whom we all had the immense pleasure and joy to interact with. 

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