Outbound Learning

The Outbound Learning Program reminded the students of what they had missed out on for the past two years. Social Bonding- something the pandemic deprived the students of – materialized itself in the form of this program.

The morning of 9th June 2022, saw excited faces waiting to board their buses for Surya Shibir Resort in Panshet. After a two hour scenic journey, the students were greeted by the enthusiastic resort staff. The Symbiosis Department of Sports, Recreation and Wellness (DSRW) team was waiting for the students with a well prepared schedule to make the day as fun and enriching as possible.  

It commenced with an insightful introduction about the DSRW team. The students were asked to team up and form groups of 20 people each with unique team names and slogans. In order to give them the gist of what was in store for the day, a dance warm up session was conducted. From the activity of passing the ball to walking blindfolded with a team mate through the wilderness of the resort, students had to utilise both physical and mental acumen. The day ended with a ‘Best out of Scratch’ fashion parade, where the students had to flaunt their imagination by creating outfits from newspaper scrap. Each team had a sporting model who walked down the ramp with an impactful message behind their creation. 

The program ended with an encouraging and uplifting speech from The Director, Dr Netra Neelam.

The students were elated with the holistic experience that made the OBL memorable for them. The batch had a fulfilling day, learning the values and skills which encompasses the leader of tomorrow. The day which started with a little apprehension will now always be embossed as a stepping stone for the two wonderful years that await our SCMHRD family.

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