Dismantling biases with Gender Sensitisation

With diversity at the core of our society, we are ingrained with the tendency to identify with parameters fitting the well-defined bars of ethnicity, region, religion, and most importantly GENDER. The aspect of human identity that feels to be limiting our expression of self, binding us in the stringent norms of binary existence was what we addressed with a much-needed session on ‘Gender Sensitization’ taken up by Ms. Renuka Mukadam, an independent Consultant on POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment), on 13th June 2022.

The talk was initiated by laying the ground for acceptance and awareness of self and surrounding with elementary concepts of sex and gender and how they differ to associate with our existence, the former being inherently biological and the latter social. With salient topics of sexuality, power, and
personal boundaries brought to the table, Ms. Mukadam implored the context for certain behaviors and actions, elaborating further on consent as the base to distinguish and defend harassment.

The session coupled with video content engaged our students in a fruitful discussion on what makes for an ideal workplace, the idea further taking its course to conclude on a holistic inclusive learning environment the students should aspire to achieve in the classroom and beyond. To successfully foster the rightful development of students into future leaders capable of looking beyond discrimination and dismantling preconceived notions, it is critical for any college to ensure its students’ security and emotional stability. When it comes to sexual harassment, the college has very strict policies. The institution has established its own internal complaints committee, which includes

students from both years and works with the administration to file any complaints, investigate them, and take appropriate action. The administration ensures that the committee is easy to reach with contact information widely available on the internet and disseminated via other channels. Ms. Renuka Mukadam also serves on the Internal Complaints Committee as an external member.

The importance to build on inclusion with accommodation and acceptance of diversity in the learning environment was realized as the base to achieve creativity and innovation brought together by perspectives of differently lived realities. We concluded with a nuanced understanding of ways to
distinguish unacceptable behavior and with an encouragement to voice our discontent for the same under any unfortunate circumstances with the assurance of support and redressal from authorities.

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