Evolving Careers in the field of Infrastructure Development and Management

SCMHRD was pleased to have Mr. Aakash Dhage, Senior Project Consultant  of Ernst & Young, as a part of the induction ceremony for the IDM batch of 2022-24. The students of Infrastructure Development and Management batch was blessed to get a golden opportunity to interact with and learn business opportunities in infrastructure and development and what career lies ahead in this field.

An Alumnus of SCMHRD 2016-18 batch, Mr. Aakash , has an overall experience of 4 years and 8 months with esteemed organisations like Kalpataru Limited and Ernst & Young. He is currently working as a Senior Project Consultant at Ernst & Young Global Consulting Services.

The session has started off with an eye opening YouTube video on Fast & Furious which actually sent us a message – ,” Anywhere to go, the person in front must say,’ He has some skill.’ Mr. Aakash through his dynamic and entertaining keynote address infused within us the zeal to achieve high in the field of Infrastructure Management.

His key speech ,” Infrastructure people are NATION BUILDERS” and the salient scopes and opportunities of this field made young minds of IDM batch feel proud. He stressed upon Contract Management ( Contract Draft etc) and Change Management as the key subjects of this field and the two years of successful journey require loads of sincerely attending lectures
every day, self-study, proper research , usage of software like Primavera , Project Management, Minitab and so on.

Later he spoke about his early days of his MBA life and slowly yet steadily the successful most inspiring journey of how he became what he is today. He spoke about the change management concepts mostly improvement concepts in an industry like Kaizen, Lean , 6 Sigma and so on.

He also spoke about his work experience especially the sectors in which he is involved under the Maharashtra Government. In the end his words were indeed inspiring. The IDM Batch sincerely appreciates for his dynamic and entertaining keynote on such a topic which is always the talk of the young minds. His humour, his energetic approach, his personal engagement have made the IDM batch feel connected and motivational.

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