#61: PPO Chronicles- Pawari Mane, AB Inbev

Pawari, an Electronics and Telecommunication engineering fresher, is an HR major at SCMHRD. She interned with AB InBev, and with her excellent skills and enthusiasm, she managed to secure a PPO with the company. 

Pawari thoroughly enjoyed working with AB InBev. Being a fresher, it was her first experience with the corporate. Her mentors were extremely helpful and eased out the process of adjusting to this new environment. 

Pawari’s project was a part of Talent Acquisition where she had to create a dashboard using Power BI for the recruitment reporting process. Since the process wasn’t automated at the time, she had to do it by creating a dashboard that showed monthly or even weekly reports making easy tracking ofimportant KPIs and trends possible. She had the opportunity to deal with directors of various departments for her task. 

Being from a technological background gave Pawari an edge to get quickly acquainted with the tools and software. She did not just let her limitation to certain software or tool set her back. Instead, she spent her spare time learning advance functions and get ahold of them. Her main focus was not on securing a PPO; she was more excited about working and learning and enjoying the process. As her task required communicating with people and in an online mode, it wasn’t easy, but she still managed to do an excellent job. 

Pawari advises her juniors to not only focus on the end result but also enjoy the process. The end goal should be learning. Thoroughly go through the charter and take one step at a time, and everything else will fall into place. One can also learn commonly used tools like Power BI, Tableau and SPSS. She added that having the right attitude towards working and putting genuine effort will help you achieve all the milestones.

-Priyanshi Shah, Media and PR Team

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