#60: PPO Chronicles- Divyanshu Pawaskar, Capgemini

Divyanshu has an undergraduate degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering. After working for three years in the telecom sector, Divyanshu finally set off on his journey to pursue his MBA in Business Analytics. Delivering quality work in desired time helped him secure a PPO with Capgemini. 

Divyanshu’s experience at Capgemini was quite exciting. His internship started with an induction that lasted for a week. Being from a non-finance background, Divyanshu struggled a bit with the fundamentals, but his mentor buddy were exceptionally helpful and helped him with the basics and at every step of his progress. He found it very flexible to interact with any employee of the company regardless of the position the person held. He thoroughly enjoyed working there as his internship was not just confined to work but also included learning and fun. There were frequent leadership talks organized and fun game sessions to get to know the peers more. 

Divyanshu worked in Capgemini’s financial services business unit. His role was as a business consultant with the insurance team, and his project revolved around superannuation in Australia. Divyanshu had to develop a use case and provide a digital solution for the superannuation fund companies that would enable Capgemini to enter the Australian market as an IT solution provider. His project was also considered while pitching the clients in Australia when the company was entering the market. 

Divyanshu feels three things gave him an edge over others in securing a PPO. The first one was his quality of being patient and not jumping off to a solution. To work on a business case, it is crucial to have a complete understanding before jumping to the execution part. One should be able to justify every deliverable, which requires intensive research. The second quality was his communication. He was quite interactive with his peers, which broadened his perspective and enabled him to understand his task better. His constant connection with his mentor helped him get feedback at every step, which he then incorporated into his work for better outcomes. The last one is his consistency in the efforts that he put in during his internship. His self-dedication and consistency helped him meet the deadlines and deliver quality results. 

Divyanshu’s advice to his junior batch is to go into the internship prepared. He advised to read about the company and the sector that the company belongs to have a slight idea about its working. He also added that communication is extremely important, and one should always stay in touch with the mentor and try and interact with as many intellectuals in the industry as possible. Be patient and consistent in your work. One should work on the presentation skills and have a good grip on excel irrespective of the industry you’re working in.

-Priyanshi Shah, Media and PR Team

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