#59: PPO Chronicles- Vidit Vaibhav, DXC Technology

Vidit Vaibhav, an Electronics and Communications Engineer, who graduated from NIT Srinagar, found his footing in the field of Human Resources while working with Infosys, where he, at the tail end of his tenure, managed a team and handled various projects. The developed interest in Human Resources encouraged him to pursue an MBA from SCMHRD, where he secured an internship with DXC Technology.

While interning with DXC Technology, Vidit was assigned a project of setting up the career paths for the people working on the managerial side. The job levels for which the career path needed to be developed were from level 6 to level 9 or the mid-level positions in DXC Technology. Also, there were around 20 job roles under the mid-level positions, and he had to develop the career path for each job role falling under level 6 to level 9. the designing of the career path included how the transition could take place, how they could move from one position to another, and the possible positions they could take and what they would take. Furthermore, he used to interview the people who are currently in those positions, the people who were aspiring to move to those positions, and of course, the senior management of DXC technology. Also, he had to benchmark with the common industry practices, devise a gap analysis and provide recommendations to design the training program. 

Talking about the work culture, DXC Technology had devised a very well-structured internship program. They allowed the interns to interact around one month before the internship, which helped them create a bond and provided them with a chance to network with as many people as possible. The interns were assigned separate teams where they held a meeting once or twice a week to share their experiences and stories. Apart from it, his mentor and the project manager were very approachable. They were in constant touch, even during the second wave of COVID, and they were very eager to solve all our problems, whatever they should be, with whatever permissions we needed and the issues we were facing. According to Vidit, the entire team was very helpful and approachable and helped him excel during his internship.

Vidit believes that his previous work experience at Infosys surely helped him succeed during the internship. DXC Technology and Infosys are service-based companies and work on similar lines. So that experience helped him a lot in getting to know the technical aspects of things, how things work, and how it works end to end, which proved to be key in him securing a PPO. Apart from his previous work experience, Vidit believes his communication skills, punctuality, and accountability also helped him secure the PPO. Vidit firmly believes that taking ownership is very important as it gives one a chance to work independently and learn a great deal from it. Also, communication skills play a huge role in the corporate world. Vidit had some ideas which were not completely acceptable to the middle or top management. Still, he communicated his ideas proficiently and convinced them that this was the way to go forward. So, taking ownership or accountability, communication skills, and diligently working on the assigned task helped Vidit secure the PPO with DXC Technology.

A piece of advice that Vidit would like to provide the junior batch is to be punctual, diligent, and on your toes at all times. Keep working hard, keep learning and be always available for your team and your organization. Apart from that, focus on presentation skills as it will be very handy during your internship. Keep your focus on learning, work hard to finish your tasks, and never let your zeal fade away from your work.

-Anu Lingfa, Media and PR Team

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