#58: PPO Chronicles- Sai Krishna, Adobe

Sai Krishna N, an MBA student specializing in Business Analytics from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO from Adobe.

During his internship, Sai Krishna worked with Enterprise Sales Analytics, whose primary responsibility was in the analytics domain. Every day, he had to analyze various datasets, and data crunching was part of his job responsibility. Sai developed comprehensive reports using the marketing and sales data to help marketing representatives. He worked on building a machine learning model and providedrecommendations to the Sales teams to make informed business decisions to improve their sales. 

During his summer internship stint, Sai mentioned that Adobe had an incredibly supportive and fun-loving environment. He noted that the transition into the project was very smooth; he got help and guidance not only from the assigned mentors and buddy but from the entire team he was working with. The team often conducted weekly fun meetings, which he loved being part of. He interacted with plenty of stakeholders and everyone from the top management to the middle management during his internship, who shared their experiences that helped Sai perform better.

Sai gives maximum credit to his previous work experience in the digital transformation field and his previous education background to convert the Adobe Summer internship interview. He shared that he learned various data visualization, analytics, and machine learning skills that helped him perform better during his internship. His educational and technical experience helped immensely during the internship in researching the data and generating the reports. 

A piece of advice that Sai would like to give to the junior batch is that one should manage their time very efficiently and needs to understand the importance of a project. One should not have a procrastinating attitude when it comes to timely deliverables. Sai also mentioned that the interns should always try to get feedback from their seniors during the internship. This will help you improve your weak areas and give senior management a sense that you are interested in your overall development.

-Karan Jamnal, Media and PR Team

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