#57: PPO Chronicles- Koustubh Ubhegaonkar, Wipro

Koustubh’s journey in HR started long before he started pursuing his MBA. After completing his bachelor’s of engineering in computer science, he worked as a software engineer for 3 years and during his engineering, an HR head with a non-profit organization. His interest in HR and psychology sparked during his undergraduate, and he even pursued BA in psychology as a distance learning course. Koustubh’s this appetite for learning and going to lengths to pursue his passion has helped him secure a PPO with Wipro, where he interned during the summer’21. 

Koustubh’s project at Wipro circled around making Wipro a great and desirable place to work in the United States. He had to identify various aspects and qualities of the company that makes it an excellent place to work and identify the gap and suggest measures to bridge it. For this, he had the opportunity to study the already working employees of the company and what makes them happy at their workplace and identify what doesn’t. 

Koustubh’s experience with Wipro, if defined in one word, will be organized. He thoroughly enjoyed the onboarding process, which was very smooth and inclusive. Koustubh had an opportunity to work closely with the head of HR in the US who was also his mentor. He owes his amazing experience to his mentor who made his work more interesting and was extremely supportive and pedagogical. His major learning was to incorporate a solution oriented approach rather than an exploratory apporach which is more welcome in the corporate world. 

Having worked as an HR with a non profit organization and closely with HR while working as software engineer helped give Koustubh a clear and a more realistic picture of the field. It also helped him a lot during his internship as he had the basic idea of how to proceed ahead. 

Koustubh’s advice to the junior batch is to be extremely proactive and engage as much as possible with the mentor and other people working in the organization. Reach out to your mentor frequently and update him/her about your progress. This will indicate your interest and dedication towards the project. Make a Gantt chart of all the tasks that need to be done within the given deadlines. This will give you a clear picture of what you have and what needs to done.

-Priyanshi Shah, Media and PR Team

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