#56: PPO Chronicles- Nitika Jain, Vodafone Idea

Nitika Jain, prior to pursuing her MBA, worked as a consultant in an IT firm. After completing her Bachelors in Technology in Computer Science and gaining some work experience, she decided to pursue MBA in Business Analytics at SCMHRD. She worked with Vodafone Idea (VI) during her summer internship and, with her extraordinary performance, managed to bag a Pre-Placement Offer at VI.

While interning at VI, Nitika’s project was to study the impact of innovative offerings of VI in the prepaid consumer segment. Her task was to analyse how the market was functioning across the new offerings, give business insights if the offerings fulfilled the customers’ needs, and provide targeted recommendations to increase the awareness of the offerings in the market. The project involved market research in some particular states of the northern part of the country to understand the consumer behaviour and usage pattern of these offerings.

The work culture at VI is holistic and engaging, providing the interns with great learning opportunities. The structure for the entire two months of the internship was well planned. Nitika was assigned a mentor and guide who were extremely helpful and supportive to her throughout the internship stint. There were regular meetings scheduled not only related to project work but also to interact with other members of the team and fellow interns. Hence, it was more of an experiential learning experience. There were sessions with the senior management and the company’s top leadership that helped her understand the work culture at VI and the corporate life in general and guided her on the journey forward at VI. One of the challenges that Nitika faced during her internship was the consumer interactions while carrying out the market research. With the internship being held in the online mode, interacting with the consumers in a non-face to face setup was a hefty task, however, the organisation was supportive enough to provide all the guidance and help during the process.

As per Nitika, understanding what the project is and sticking to the project’s scope without diverting to the other hundred things that you can do rather than the one thing that is required from you is the kind of mindfulness and the attitude that helped her grab a PPO at VI. Moreover, staying focused and being proactive were the traits that helped her in her journey. 

A piece of advice that Nitika would like to give the junior batch is that the things that you learn in class and their hands-on experience in the industry are entirely different experiences. However, you can only excel later when you fully understand what you grasp in the class. She also wants the junior batch to go into the internship with the right attitude and an open mind to unlearn, learn and relearn things.

-Nisarg Joshi, Media and PR Team

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