#55: PPO Chronicles- Joe Stephen James

Joe Stephen James developed his penchant for Human Resources while working at Coromandel International Limited as Assistant Manager and Maintenance Supervisor, where he had to deal with spares planning, plant shutdowns, and manpower planning. His fondness for Human Resources encouraged him to pursue an MBA in Human Resources from SCMHRD. With his diligence and hard work, he bagged a summer internship in AB InBev and, eventually, a PPO.

While interning at AB InBev, Joe mainly worked with Global Capability Centre (GCC) on building an anomaly detector to highlight the potential errors on a real-time basis in their employ master database. His task was to automate the process using python language to make the anomaly detector and make an associated dashboard to go along with it. Also, he had to present anomalies detected and how many of them were corrected to the senior leadership team during the meetings. With no experience in coding, he had to learn Python from scratch, which he did through YouTube and his seniors also helped him learn it. He learned the basics of Python and came up with an anomaly detector with a Power BI dashboard to represent the anomalies detected and resolved, which was his project in a nutshell.

Talking about the work culture, AB InBev is a very fast-paced organization with many opportunities to grow, and deserving candidates are provided with opportunities to succeed. Overall, the work environment is very friendly, and in case of any difficulty, one can always reach out to mentors or even cross-functional departments to resolve the query. The mentors and senior team were very supportive as they always helped him during anomalous situations. For instance, Joe was not well-versed with the Python language, but he always got assistance from his seniors and mentors whenever there was a query or difficulty while executing the project. 

Joe believes that his previous work experience has immensely helped him secure the summer internship at AB InBev. During his tenure at Coromandel International Limited, he had worked on human resources planning and settling issues between the operations and maintenance departments, which was instrumental for him in getting the summer internship. For getting the PPO, Joe thinks his prior experience working with people of different ages and dealing with their different experiences helped him work efficiently during the summer internship. How he approached people, how he used to get his work done, how he used to create a rapport with colleagues, and the work he put in to finish the task impressed the senior authorities, which helped him bag the PPO. Another thing that helped Joe bag a PPO was, providing timely updates about the work to the mentors and mentioning the work completed and work remaining during those updates. With proper planning and time management, he completed his project before the stipulated time, allowing him to perform multiple trials on his code and improve it. His diligence, hard work, and planning were key factors in bagging the PPO.

A piece of advice Joe would like to give the junior batch is that keep working hard and push yourselves to achieve your goal. Keep communicating with your mentors, buddies, and colleagues as it will help you understand the organization’s business process and work culture. Stay on the learning curve and do your best while learning through your mentors and colleagues. Finally, trust the internship process and enjoy your time at the organization as it will bring the best out of you.

-Parth Patil, Media and PR Team

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