#54: PPO Chronicles- Vignesh V, TVS Credit

Vignesh V, an MBA student specializing in Business Analytics from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO through TVS credit E.P.I.C challenge, a case study competition organized by TVS credit. 

TVS credit E.P.I.C challenge conducts competitions across various domains such as analytics, strategy, and IT, wherein students have to apply their technical knowledge and skills to real-life business problems. Vignesh participated in the analytics challenge, went through the final round, and finally converted a PPO.

The first round was initially the standard analytics quiz round, an elimination round. After that, they were given a case study for which they had to present a Machine Learning (ML) model. The main focus of corporates is to witness the student’s perspective on how to approach the problem. Any new/minute details observed, individual approach, differentiating it from the company’s competitors, etc., are the things that will attract the corporate panelists rather than just presenting a final solution. The task given was to find potential customers who have a higher risk of being fraudulent. Vignesh made keen observations while researching the database and even spoke to agents of other companies to get additional details about potential customers. His idea was to segregate India into four segments and have a varied approach for each part. So, with specific strategies and observations, he finalized his ML model based on these operations. 

Vignesh is a mechanical engineer from Tamil Nadu, after which he worked as a quality assurance analyst at Cognizant Technology Services (CTS) for four years. His prior experience as a data analyst helped him bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. It also enabled him to crack other case competitions. At the same time, he also believes that even without work experience, students can bridge the gap between academics and the post academics real-world struggles with the help of these case competitions. Implementing theoretical knowledge to come up with solutions to challenges is a great learning experience.

One thing that Vignesh always looks for is subtle details while working on data. Another thing is to be diligent while removing and filtering out data. He suggests going with the facts always rather than instincts. He says that having concrete evidence to back your solution gave him an edge over the others in this competition.

Vignesh would like to give the junior batch a piece of advice, which is participating in all types of competitions, not just domain-specific but across all specializations. In the corporate world, an employee needs to be aware of the functioning of all departments. So, irrespective of your knowledge, get a first-hand corporate world experience by participating in such case competitions. It is an experience that will last a lifetime.

-Pournami Pradeepkumar, Media and PR Team

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