#53: PPO Chronicles- Parag Borulkar, Wipro

Parag Shirish Borulkar, an MBA student, specializing in Marketing from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO through Wipro B-Pro Challenge organized by Wipro, an annual B-school case study competition.

Wipro B-Pro challenge conducts competition for the students from premier business schools across the country that test strategic thinking, innovation, communication, and problem-solving skills to design an innovative solution for real-world business problems. 

Wipro B-Pro challenge provided PPI opportunities to contestants based on their performance to convert it to a PPO. The first round was an individual MCQ evaluation round that tested students’ knowledge across various domains of management. In the second round, the first round qualifiers were paired as a team of 2-3 members from various premier B-schools to prepare the presentation. It involved innovativeness and strategic methods to identify challenges of the company’s situation through a case study and find opportunities to solve them with a recommendation on how they help the organization to reach its long-term goals.

Parag successfully qualified the first MCQ round, which was an individual activity. In the second stage, Parag was paired with students from the Top 30 B-schools who qualified the first round. While working on the presentation, they aimed to fit all the relevant details in an elementary presentation providing a brief solution; later, when shortlisted, the team included certain intricacies and presented an in-depth explanation to the panelist regarding the case followed with a Q and A session. Before presenting the final solution, they kept refining their solution with substantial research and data to support their claims, which is imperative in winning any case study competition. Parag’s team succeeded in presenting and defending their solutions, which eventually helped them secure a PPI.

Parag is a mechanical engineer, after which he worked with Cognizant in their IT services domain, later interned with Allergan Aesthetics, a niche industry into aesthetics domain during his MBA journey. He shared that this overall experience from different roles in different sectors broadened his horizon to think out of the box, which is the key to any case study competition. He appreciates the wholesome experience he had during his MBA through college committees, senior guidance, and the skills learned via the MBA curriculum, which helped him present the ideas by preparing comprehensive presentations during his final year. 

A piece of advice Parag would like to give the Junior Batch to secure PPOs is through their summer internships as that is an excellent route to convert a PPO, but it’s not the only way. He shared that there are multiple pathways to secure a PPO, case study competition being one of them. If you think that the best route has been impeded, don’t worry; keep working hard and learn from your failures, and a new path might open up, and you’ll achieve your goal through that.

-Karan Jamnal, Media and PR Team

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