#52: PPO Chronicles- Komal Garg, TVS Credit

Komal Garg, a computer science graduate from the 2020-22 batch pursuing her MBA in Business Analytics, secured a PPO through the case study competition that TVS Credit organized.

TVS Credit Services Limited is a company that provides finance for automobiles and consumer durables. Through its specialized financing scheme, the company operates as a non-banking financial firm that offers affordable two-wheeler, used car, tractor, and MSME loans, allowing buyers to obtain easy financing at a very low interest.

Komal recalls her experience competing in the TVS Credit EPIC Analytics Challenge conducted by TVS Credit, where the case study focused on predicting the loan defaulters of the company. Komal breezed through the competition’s first round, which was a quiz. Komal was then given a collection of data and instructed to predict loan defaulters for a company based on their past data. Komal devised a strategy divider analytic model that will assist the company in finding the loan defaulter using machine learning models and various business analysis methodologies. She was then shortlisted to present her solution based on her approach to the jury. The jury appreciated her solution and presentation, and she was given a PPO with the company.

Komal’s overall experience with TVS Credit was buoyant during the case study competition. She recalls how TVS Credit communicated with her about the process at each stage by appointing mentors who helped and counseled her on how she could perform. She frequently contacted competition organizers because the event was meant to be offline but had to be moved online due to unexpected circumstances. She also appreciates the type of case study assigned to her because she believed it addressed a real-life issue. 

Komal believes that her past work experience at Tata Consultancy Services aided her in giving effective presentations at such large gatherings. Before the competition, Komal did her internship with Samunnati Financial Intermediation and Services Private Limited. It was a fintech company where she simplified the databases and created dashboards to handle a large chunk of data. She states that because of her experience, she was capable of handling all inquiries and comprehending the case study to produce strategies.

Komal considers that the first emphasis should be given to the content, and it should be appealing while presenting in such case study competitions. The question-and-answer period at the end of the presentation, in her opinion, is the game-changer. She recalls that her presentation was for 8 minutes, and the Q&A was 7 minutes long. She says that, while her internship and competition were scheduled consecutively, her experience with data analysis at her training aided her in the competition.

Komal’s suggestion to the junior batch is to focus on dashboarding, regardless of specialization. And to get the most out of your data, you need to be familiar with Power BI and Tableau as dashboarding tools. She recommends learning advanced excel and competing in case study competitions to improve your PPT skills.

-Debabrata Biswal, Media and PR Team

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